We Are Rebranding!

We Are Rebranding!

THE 3eeb STORE (formerly known as The A7A Store)

تعديل 2020: احا طلعت عيب

The 3eeb Store, formerly known as The A7A Store, is challenging the idea of inappropriate/عيب and how it is manipulated in our culture to suppress creativity ✊🏽 We are hoping this becomes a political social movement to revive the Egyptian Revolution through words! We still believe that A7A is the word of the revolution!

We believe that the word 3eeb has a more encompassing meaning that we can explore in order to pave the road to related issues in our culture that we'd like to discuss and rethink.

Let’s talk! We would like to start a conversation about the concept of 3eeb. What is 3eeb for you? Why is it 3eeb? What makes something 3eeb? How do you define it for yourself and how elastic is the definition based on the circumstances a person is surrounded with?

احنا غيرنا اسمنا

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